Reasons Why Supporting A Charity Is Good


Poverty in a developing world is something that many of us feel we can do nothing about. It is consistently on a rising scale and there is nothing anyone could to control it or stop it. It is understandable that everyone feels this way. But, the facts have a different story to tell. Poverty is widespread and it is easy to forget the number of people that are present in the developed world. If powerful people could send some money towards charitable causes that could very well be helpful in fighting against poverty and removing it from the society. is one such organization that helps and supports many charities.

It is important to consider the size of the donation as it directly relates the number of people that will benefit from it. It’s not that you need to be very rich to make a contribution. Even donations in small amounts can make a huge difference and improve someone’s lifestyle.

There are so many non-profit organizations that you can choose from. The process of selecting which organization to support is simple as you need to choose the cause and then do a little bit of research and choose the organization. There are many charities such as Poverty Action, GiveWell and Giving What we can. There are many like this that require constant support to do something good for the society.

By intervening at the right time, poverty can be controlled and the needy people can benefit a lot. Fighting diseases can help in keeping children healthy and attend school. Healthcare is one of the most important charities that most of the people look forward to. This helps parents who do not have much money to continue supporting their families and take care of their kids when they fall sick. Aid helps many poor people with access to quality resources for improving their standard of living.

Poverty is one of the problems that does have a solution. According to United Nations Millennium Developments Goals, there are lesser people than a few decades ago who live below the poverty line and need support. Approximately 702 million people live with less than $1.90 per day. To help, it would take a contribution of $3 from every American Citizen to raise billion dollars for aid. The developed countries have enough money to meet the basic needs of the poor people. It is possible to allocate resources without changing any of the educational or health care programs. This results in more donors participating in giving which the poor people can benefit from.

Apart from spending money on yourself, donating money to others can improve your overall happiness quotient by leaps and bounds. It has been proven by a study conducted at Harvard that giving relates directly to happiness. Happier people also like contributing more and thus, their happiness keeps increasing. It goes on in a continuous loop which affects your life in a positive manner. People experience pleasure when a charity is able to raise money even if they have not contributed.

Give and Stay happy!

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